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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Heading into Arctic blast

It's the last day of January, and in a month this winter has turned completely. Commuting has been very nice lately. Temperatures have been around -10°C or slightly colder. This morning the temperature was -15°C and it's getting colder as this week progresses. Yesterday morning -35°C was recorded in Eastern Finland. It's the very cold arctic air mass that is coming from Siberia, and air pressure has been almost record high at slightly over 1060 hPa. In the end of the week, -28°C morning temperature is forecasted so it will be interesting...

A bucket of photos from the previous and this week here. I'm repeating the same theme here but when it is this nice, I think it's good repeating...

Photo album links: Picasa and Google+.

The next weekend will be very interesting. Peter and I will do a slightly longer special overnighter. All the details will be revealed afterwards. The night will be surely cold and it will be excellent chance to test my cold night sleeping skills.


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