Saturday, November 5, 2011

907 Photo Session

Although we are still waiting for the first snow here in South Finland, I did my commuting with my 907 the whole last week. Before last week my cyclocross bike was my primary commuting bike, but after the recent overnighter the 907 felt so great that I decided to commute with it even though my normal commute route is 1.8 km gravel + 7.7 km asphalt road. I'm also waiting for a new cassette for the cyclocross bike (there was a new SunRace but it didn't work out), and for a nice change it didn't rain last week.

On Thursday afternoon I decided to do a little photo session for the 907 in a forest near my commuting route.

The latest weather forecasts don't look too promising for the first snow, but the weather can change very rapidly...