Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fat Fender Project Part 2

My Fat Fender Project has progressed well. Last week the local plater did narrower fenders for me:

The new ones are slightly longer for even better protection. Not much difference in weights, the rear fender is a little lighter now:

Today I had time to paint them. I purchased spray paints from a local miscellaneous store. The paints are manufactured by Maston, which happens to be a Finnish company, and the paints are the COLORmix series. For good results I chose a primer paint, the actual color paint (red!) and a glossy lacquer.

First the primer:

Then the red color and the lacquer:

At home in better environment:

Looks pretty good, doesn't they? The weights after painting: 204g / 319g.

Now I let them dry properly and I will make the hardware next week and then install them.