Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fat Fender Project Part 3

It's sunday, and the seven day drying time is over. Time to make the mounting hardware and put all together.

The front fender with the mounting hardware, 316 g.

The rear fender:

Two screws and bolts missed from that one, the real weight is 478 g.

After plenty of drilling, bending, riveting and screwing, MK2 is ready:

Pretty time consuming project after all, but I hope it's worth it. The paint won't probably last very well as I didn't grind the surface of aluminum plate before painting. There are already a couple of scratches. If the fenders look too bad after the winter, I will probably do a new set of fenders and powder coat them.

There is not a lot of room in the chainstays of 2011 9:Zero:7 frame, so on slush and heavy snow conditions the rear fender could be clogged, but this shouldn't be an issue when doing regular commuting.

The fenders appear very firm, thanks to many attachment points. The MK1 was a little flimsy and noisy, so it's interesting to see if these are more silent.