Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thunder and freeze

In the previous post Extreme commuting? I wrote about my disappointment of the weather so far this winter. On the other hand, two previous winters were absolutely awesome, and it's just reality that in Scandinavia the weather and climate is very volatile. The weather so far has been in fact very interesting. In the end of November we had a couple of powerful storms. In the night before Independence Day (Dec 6th) it snowed just a little. On Dec 7th we had thunder! After that we received more snow, and then on Dec 9th nice blizzard. And then came warmer weather with rains. Yesterday on my way back home from work, guess what we had again? Thunder!  I have to say that I like this. The weather is certainly not boring! Today I took some photos on my way home.

The most and the worst of ice has melted away, and I've been riding with the 9:Zero:7. But I managed to fall today in a stupid place with slow speed (so no damage). Temperature dropped to near 0°C and some black ice had formed in some places. I think I will finally commute tomorrow with the cyclocross bike and studded tires. The weather forecast looks a little better too:

But as we have seen, the weather has been very unpredictable. Interesting times...