Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter commuting, part 1

I'm now the Finnish correspondent of website, where I will write fatbike related articles. Yesterday my wallpaper of 9:Zero:7 was published there, check it out and use it as a wallpaper on your computer if you like.

But I intend to write more also here, as has been seen lately. Throughout this winter I will write more about my commuting, as it is big part of my biking I do, and reveal some commuting tips and 'secrets'.

Inspired by some great bloggers like Hendrik Morkel and Josh Spice, I'm also using the fantastic photo linking and tagging service ThingLink. Move your mouse on these photos where I show some of my commuting gear:

Compared to previous years, the biggest change is of course the bike, 907. Another significant change is now the pannier that I've been using for last two weeks. Before that I was using 11 year old Deuter Race-X backpack, which is by the way excellent. I will write more about that later.

It took suprisingly long time for me to start using a pannier. A couple of reasons are that the Deuter backpack was sometimes too small and I wanted more space for grocery shopping. Riding without a backpack is also much better. The one-side pannier affects balance very little.

The clothing in that photo is enough for temps at +1°C...-7°C, although I start to use pogies when temperature gets below freezing.