Monday, February 6, 2012

Fatbike outing with TV filming

As this winter was getting better and better, with colder temperatures, I had already some plans for overnighters in January. At the same time Peter contacted me and asked if I was interested to join him for a very special outing. The host of TV program Erätulilla, Mikko "Peltsi" Peltola, and his cinematographer Juha were to make a program of fatbikepacking. Peter had a plan that a good place for this would be the area of Kuhankuono / Kurjenrahka. Interestingly, I lived in a village very close to this area about seven years ago, but at the time I was more a road cyclist. I was aware that there are some trails but I had an impression that it's more boardwalks. But Peter's blog reports of his outings there have been really great, and I have wanted to go there for a long time. Now it was finally to happen...

Here is a photo recap of the great weekend. I will write a separate blog post of the gear I used and how it worked.

At the parking place of Vajosuo, unpacking the bikes and gear:

Peltsi was riding with a brand new Surly Moonlander:

Very cold:

The cinematographer Juha filming, and Peter pumping more air to his rear tyre in the background:

The trails at the Vajosuo bog are fabulous!

A wonderful winter day:


Sweetness for your eyes:

My 9:Zero:7 fully packed:

At the trails of Savojärvi. Oh man, an absolute paradise for fatbikes!

Juha setting up a GoPro camera:

The views here are just magnificent:

Juha filming:

My bike again:

Peter with the ninja look:

More beauty of the snow:

The sun is setting:

The last section was the longest of the day and very technical, with lots of narrow boardwalks. I had a difficult time with the boardwalks, but the other sections went well and fatbike really shined there. It was hard going but it was rewarded with the beauty of snow.

Finally back at the lean-to of Vajosuo. We set up a campfire and started to prepare our meals:

I sweated a lot at the end of the ride, and most of the moisture came to my outer jacket. It was a funny feeling as it frozed:

It was -22°C in the evening. Interesting night was ahead. I was able to change a dry long sleeve shirt, and I was fairly confident that I would sleep fairly well. And yes, it was nice and warm inside my Marmot Never Summer sleeping bag. More about this later.

The morning:

Melting of water:

Some more filming at the Vajosuo bog. Juha giving directions to Peter and rest of us:

The bog of Vajosuo. Wow, just wow!

A very narrow boardwalk at the nearby forest of Vajosuo:

Paradise, paradise:

Juha filming Peltsi:

This outing was a blast! Never thought that the area of Kuhankuono is this great! Everything went well. The weather was great, the cold and snowy conditions were perfect.

And the very special souvenir:

Even more photos: Picasa and Google+. And the report of Peter.

Huge thanks to Peter, Peltsi and Juha! This was awesome! And special thanks to my awesome wife for all the help with logistics and rushing that thermos to  me!