Monday, February 20, 2012

More snow

It's late Sunday evening as I write this, and I'm again looking back how the week went. The above photo was taken today, and as the title suggests, we got a big dump of new snow today. And actually we got it more already in the past week.

The start of my week wasn't very good. I was sick with a flu, but fortunately it went away fast and I was back to work, and more importantly, back to bike commuting, on Wednesday. 

Also, one of my neighbors happens to own a snowmobile and had driven on the nearby grain fields. This meant a nice opportunity for fun fatbike riding.

On Friday I had a day off from work, and did a short nice ride on the small roads nearby.

Not a bad week after all. And the winterish weather is forecasted to continue at least into end of this month. Good times.