Saturday, March 31, 2012

From spring back to winter?

The last two weeks have been warm here in Southern Finland, the daytime temperatures were about +10°C many times. The spring has progressed quickly, but like almost always here, spring never comes easily. Usually there is some cooler period, or even number of periods, before the spring is in full swing. As writing this, the temperature has dropped to 0°C and there is a thin cover of snow outside. The weather forecasts are looking for cold nights (temperature can drop to even -10°C at some point) and even more snow.

Here is a photo recap of my March 22nd thru 30th, with a feeling of spring.

907 in cargo bike mode:

Dark black ominous clouds:

Also, I ordered recently more reading. Like everything in life, there is always more to learn:

Finally some racing news. Although I've been shifting more away from racing in recent years, I finally registered to the biggest mountain bike event in Finland, Tahko MTB. Now, I have wanted to take part in this race at least the last 10 years, so I'm really excited about this. This year there is also the longest distance, 240 km (4 laps) in offer, and yes, that is my choice. As always, I have plan A and B. If I have a good day, it's the plan A and give it all. The plan B is just to cruise and enjoy a loooooong day in the saddle. And by the way, this will be training for something much bigger in the future, if all stars are aligned right...