Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 9/2012

This week has been a nice one. On the Monday-Sunday night I did a small overnighter. As an unexpected bonus, Monday evening was stunning with Northern Lights that are fairly rare here in Southern Finland.

More photos of the Aurora Borealis can be found HERE.

On Tuesday I was back to bike commuting. We are having classic late-winter weather and some early signs of spring, daytime temps slightly above zero and nights below zero. Tuesday night, morning and day we had another big dump of new snow.

Wednesday evening. Another light show by nature, a very nice sunset:

More photos of the sunset HERE.

Thursday. +5°C and really slushy and wet conditions. I'm going to put the fenders back soon.

Also, I finally got the GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip. No more crap instant coffee, it's time for perfect morning coffee on outings!

Friday. After almost four months commuting with the 9:Zero:7, I chose to ride with the cyclocross bike, because it is fender-ready. And that was pretty much the only good thing. It didn't even have studded tires. How it felt? One word, awkward. More words, "anorectic saw support". Maybe I will get used to it in the spring and summer, but I just love the comfort of the fatbike.

The weather forecast looks now like this:

And it means a high probability of snowcrust. Do I have any plans? Oh yes! Stay tuned for a report later next week...