Friday, September 28, 2012

From Summer to Autumn

We are well in to the autumn, and summer is gone. It's time to look back and ahead.

This summer was a quite contrast when compared to two previous summers 2010 and 2011. It was cool and rainy, with just a couple of warm days in there. But there were some sunny days too, and I think I managed to capture the best moments with my camera.

The best moments were definitely in the Archipelago of South-Western Finland. I was there many times, and did also one bikepacking trip there in the end of July.

The Archipelago is also fantastic place for bird watching and observation. This one is certainly the one I'm always looking for, a majestic sea eagle:

The beauty of flowers:

A dragonfly:

The sunsets:

Lots of nice moments to remember...

A sign of the forthcoming winter?

The beauty of light:

A serene moment in the Archipelago:

And into the September with a stunning sunset:

Golden autumn:

What's there?

The final photo sums up the last couple of weeks:

Gray, miserable weather with plenty of rain.

But I hope that great times are still ahead. Winter is coming, and there are some signs that it could be a cold one. Exciting times as always.