Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Retrospective

Another year is ending, so it's time to look back. 

The winter 2011-2012 started somewhat late, but as of January, things got gradually better.

The highlight of February and the entire year was definitely the televised fatbike trip for 'Erätulilla' TV series on Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE.

In March, I did a very nice overnighter to the Wildernewss of Marttila.

Also, we had fantastic snow crust conditions for a short period of time.

Another nice short overnighter in April.

In May, I was many time in the Archipelgo of South-Western Finland, and witnessed probably once-in-a-lifetime sunset.

I also purchased my first DSLR camera, Nikon D5100, which saw a plenty of use through the spring and summer.

In June, me, Peter and Hendrik did a great bikepacking trip to the Pirkanmaa.

In July, I finally did my first Tahko MTB.

In August, my 10th Finlandia MTB followed. Like the entire summer, it was a rain and mud fest.

September saw more photography and some time in the Archipelago.

In October, it was the biggest moment of my cyclist career, the sponsorship and partnering with 45North.

I did also the cold and brutal Mammoth March Impossible, where I suffered enormously.

In November, I enjoyed my first Vajosuo Beer Ride.

December started with a fantastic snow storm.

And the overnighter under full moon was a perfect ending.

The year 2012 was really full of great surprises, and I never could imagine that this year would be so great.

I want to thank my incredible family for support, David Gabrys and his 45North, and all you blog readers! I hope you had a great outdoor year and may the next year be great too. Happy New Year 2013!