Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fatbike perfection in Paimio

Before Rovaniemi 150, I found out that I actually have a fatbiking paradise here in Paimio. There is a stunning snowmobile track that starts from the Valley of Paimio river, and continues through the countryside and forests of Kaleva village. I did a short video clip of the first part of the route earlier in February, which can be seen on YouTube.

I sent an invitation to fatbikers of Turku to join me for a ride on Sunday. The weather forecast was also looking finally great. This winter has been almost record cloudy, but the forecast was promising some sunshine in the daytime. 

Peter was the only one to join me. We started riding from my home just after sunrise and rode first to the valley. The morning was still cloudy.

The section in the valley has some nice, steep hills and stunning scenery.

A fatbike ride is not a real fatbike ride without a little bit of pushing.

The track conditions were great for fatbikes but certainly unrideable for other type of bikes.

A beautiful birch forest in the more remote part of the route.

After roughly three hours it was time for a coffee break.

Perfect timing, because the clouds started to move away from the sky and sun started to shine.

Late February at its best!

The final section consisted of roads, so we pumped more air to our fat tires.

What a great day with our fatbikes! Thanks Peter for the company, looking forward to snow crust next!

LATER EDIT: Peter's report is here.