Tuesday, October 8, 2013


As part of my training program for Rovaniemi 150, I will do some running exercises this fall and early winter. I actually ran fairly regularly in the late 90s as part of road cycling training in the off-season, and I have to admit that long distance and endurance running is something that I have wanted to try. So yes, it means that 'in the long run', I want to run full marathon, but of course it would be cool to run an actual ultra distance, probably 100 km.

Anyway, I purchased new running shoes that were on sale, Adidas Response Stability 4M:

Today I had time to try them in the evening. My aim was to run just relaxedly and be careful to not run too fast, avoiding 'jamming' my muscles. It didn't feel too bad.

The loop was 6.45 km long. I'm using RunKeeper to record my training. A nice thing about it is that I can use my old Polar S710i with it and add the heart rate file afterwards:

The best thing about this kind of training is that it's very effective when you don't have time for longer exercise.

The new shoes feels pretty good, so I'm looking forward to more of this.