Friday, January 10, 2014

S24O in January misery

The miserable, non-winter weather conditions have continued in the beginning of this year, but it's certainly not an excuse to not go to an overnighter. The last time was on the Vajosuo Beer Ride in November.

In the evening of Friday 3rd, the usual suspect Peter rode from his home to my place with his Fargo and we headed to the Wilderness of Marttila.

A fallen tree (caused by the powerful storm Seija in December) in the start of the trail to the lean-to:


A tiny amount of snow on some of the duckboards:

At the shelter:

Peter starting the campfire:

An evening tea and grilled sandwiches followed.

Sleep time:

The beauty of misery in the morning?

The usual morning chores:

On the move. Peter mastering the slippery duckboards:

Heading back home on the gravel roads:

Thanks Peter for the company. It was worth it again. Check Peter's post here.