Monday, March 3, 2014

Rov150 Celebration Brovernighter

After Rovaniemi 150 race I thought it would be nice to celebrate the almost-win with my awesome friends, Peter, Matti, Jarkko and Tommi, who encouraged me so much. A correct way to celebrate would be of course to go for an overnighter, or Brovernighter™, with good food and beer. The natural choice of destination would be the National Park of Kurjenrahka. There are a number of shelters, and this time we would go to Töykkälä.

The absence of winter has continued most of February, and there are already some early signs of spring. The good thing was that the conditions and weather was dry.

I started my adventure from home (slightly late after packing) and rode along the familiar route. First stop at the Askala water power plant.

After 40 km of riding, I met Peter and Jarkko at the Vajosuo parking place. Tommi would come directly to Töykkälä without bike this time.

It felt almost exotic to ride on the trails without snow and barely any ice at this time of the year.

Tommi was already at the shelter with his dog, Pekko, starting campfire. Unfortunately Matti couldn't make it as he had to go for work in a short notice.

Food, beers and chatting followed.

It was a great late evening.

The night was warm and comfortable in my sleeping bag.

Morning. Tommi and Pekko.

Even the winter came back!


The morning was great with the snowfall and no hurry.

On the move.

It was pure joy to ride with my 9:ZERO:7.

Photo courtesy of Peter.

We took full advantage of our visit at Kurjenrahka and went to the Bird Watch Tower of Vajosuo too.

Our fatbikes.

Peter had his car at the Vajosuo parking place, where we said goodbyes. I continued with Jarkko for a short distance and then headed home.

A fog descended.

Back at Askala.

Absolutely great overnighter with about 92 km of riding. Thanks to my friends for participating! We don't have these opportunities too often.

Check out Peter's report with more great photos here.