Thursday, July 14, 2011


It was about time. Actually I should have done this earlier, but better later than never.

I started my blog in January 2007 with a program called Thingamablog. Back then it looked like a good idea. My plan was to create a personal website and blogging would have been just a part of it. I also liked the concept of Thingamablog that your production is saved in your own hard drive. Also, Google Blogger wasn't as good as it is now. But things change. I've been using more and more Google's services, like Picasa Web Albums, and now that Google+ has arrived, it was time to move on. Thingamablog hasn't been developed for about two years and is certainly outdated. Blogging with it is too slow and mobile updating is far away what it is with Google. I happen to own an Android phone, Samsung Galaxy 5, so the point is to improve time management (if there is a such thing...), and be able to blog anywhere, anytime.

The old blog will serve as an archive and will certainly be referenced here now and then.

I want to thank all the readers and I hope you will enjoy this new improved blog even more! And special thanks to Hendrik Morkel of Hiking In Finland blog for layout help, check out his ambitious ULAZ project at Kickstarter!