Friday, July 15, 2011

Weeks 25-28

Although it has been four weeks since my last bikepacking outing, it has been good times. Here is a little recap what has been going on.

On the week 26 after a long wait the Revelate Designs 907 frame bag finally arrived. The pursuit of perfection!

The master behind the Revelate Designs, Eric Parsons, definitely knows his stuff. Every detail has been carefully thought out. The highlights of this bag are the two-compartments that can be enlarged to single-compartment by opening the velcro inside, and tapered front section for more volume. Simply awesome!

On the same day, a small packet arrived from Move-Cycles of Germany. Back in 2006 I ordered my road bike frame, Ridley Excalibur, and some 4ZA parts, from there, as I had previously order two other Ridley frames, Crossbow and Cheetah, too. Nils of Move-Cycles has simply awesome customer service. Last year I received email from Nils that 4ZA had issued a voluntary recall for their 4ZA C-Stem, as at certain extreme circumstances the stem can break. 4ZA would provide new Cirrus stem for exchange. At first I reconciled with Nils that I try to arrange the change with Finland distributor Cycle Center. I called them, but they didn't know anything about the recall. They said that they will figure it out and call me... well, there was no rush for me with this matter as I rode so little last summer, but the call never happened. This summer I thought that it's still better to change that stem, so I emailed Nils and the whole matter was solved in a little  over week... again, one reason why I have done most of bike related purchasing outside of Finland.

Pretty interesting that the new 4ZA Cirrus stem (110mm) is significantly lighter at 125 g, as the old 4ZA C-Stem (110mm) weighed 183 g.

I've had some nice moments with my camera.

Oh yes, now I have four week summer vacation, so some bikepacking trips are planned and I'm going to reveal the details of my bikepacking setup here. Stay tuned!