Saturday, August 6, 2011

Teijo S24O

Well, it took a lot longer time to go for a bikepacking outing that I had originally planned, but it finally happened last week. Went for an overnighter to Teijo area. A friend from work who lives in Salo said earlier that there is a high place where the views opens to as far as to Kemiö Island. That sounded really cool. The place is called Nikkallio.

I seem to have nice plans but lately I have failed to carry them out. This time my plan was to ride to Teijo via a trail route located between Salo and Teijo. And I wanted to be at Nikkallio just before the sunset. But, I didn't have time for that. Instead I rode with my fatbike mostly on asphalt roads - not very adventurous. This route is however beautiful with very nice views and I'm very familiar with it from my road biking times.

The evening was really beautiful. No wind and very few clouds. The soon-ready grain fields made a nice late summer feeling.

The road to Teijo goes nicely up and down, and the views are great.

I wouldn't be before sunset at Nikkallio, probably just after it.

At the crossroad of Hamarijärventie.

The Village of Kirjakkala Ironworks is really beautiful place.

A view from the other side of Hamarijärvi.

A rocky section up to Nikkallio.

Finally at my destination!

I had high expectations for this place but they were surpassed by miles! Incredible place! Also challenging to capture the views in low light. The preview in my camera looked better than in the above photo, so I didn't take more shots with manual settings - I should have. On other hand, morning and sunrise would fix this.

Good night!

The morning.

I had a busy day ahead so I decided to eat Real Turmat outdoor meal for the breakfast. Thanks to Peter for picking up a couple of them for me during his Norway trip!

Awesome rocks here...

Instead of heading home I rode to Kemiö as I had an interesting busy day ahead, and it was logistically better choice.

Nice overnighter, but I have to do this again very soon to this place and ride the trail route!