Sunday, September 18, 2011


A slightly too long break from overnighter stuff. Last time was Teijo S24O in the early August. Usually these outings are sub-24 hour but this time I was close to sub-12 hour! Too short, too fast? Almost, but it's better than nothing. Again, I had other things coming on Saturday early morning. In the future I will probably not do it this way...

It was also a time to do this with my adventure soulmate Peter. Destination: the summit of Linnavuori in Piikkiö. This week was really rainy but the weather turned near perfect for this evening.

On the move:

The sketchy climb up to Linnavuori:

Pretty much the reason were came here:

Peter had two cameras, here his Canon S90 doing time lapse. Check out his brilliant photographing blog!

Yeah, photographing was the name of the game:

Getting darker:

Preparing my sleeping system:

This time we slept only with our bivi and sleeping bags:

One more reason for this outing. Peter visited Foxcomp Turku as he had his Surly BFL there. Coincidentally my Salsa Anything Cages were there too, so Peter was so kind to bring them. Brilliant logistics and very ecological too!

A little bit of moon light:

The morning:

I woke a little too late to make morning porridge and instant coffee. Instead I ate one energy gel and sprinted to home.

The usual slideshow is HERE.

Thanks Peter for the company, next time probably a little longer outing? :-)