Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Review

It has been a way too long break from my blogging, but despite the lack of activity here I've been very active and taken a lot of photos. So here is a little recap of my fall, as the winter is just around the corner.

This fall has been very rainy and wet - actually it all started in the late summer and has continued that way. We managed to put together with Jan the night version of our local trail ride, Paimio's Nightrevenge, on 14th October. The weather was great and it was a cool evening, temperature dropping close to 0°C. The ride was awesome but my photos didn't succeed. I need more practising with the SX130 in dark conditions.

All eyes are now on the forthcoming winter. The winters 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 were fantastic with lots of snow and practically subzero temps all the way. Could we have a third hard winter in the row? Maybe, and I really hope so, but everything is possible. At the moment things doesn't look too good. The weather is fairly warm as temperature ranges between +5°C and +10°C. If the winter turns out bad here in South Finland, I'm hoping to do a some kind of trip to Lapland.

A couple of extra photos in the slideshow HERE.