Saturday, January 14, 2012

All Condition Commuting

This week (2/2012) has seen all kind of conditions on my commutes. Here is a recap of the entire week.

Monday 9th. It was a beautiful and cold day, -10°C. A nice sunset...

...but the rise of the full moon was really jawdropping!

I wasn't satisfied with the moonrise photos, so I went out again in the evening:

Tuesday 10th was nice too. I really liked to mood of the afternoon:

Wednesday 11th. Getting worse, slush and sleet:

Thursday 12th. +1°C, rain, ice and water all over the place. A nightmare without studs. The trick to survive this was to ride as much as possible on the edges of the roads:

Friday 13th. Back to below freezing. I took a little fall on the morning commute, fortunately nothing too serious. I got full reward in the afternoon! -3°C and nearly blizzard conditions!

The snow did riding much easier and better, althought there were of course a couple of sketchy icy sections. The wind was stormy and from the north. I took this little video to capture the brilliant atmosphere:

The weather forecasts looks for subzero temperatures at least the next 10 days ahead, and more snow. But I need to hurry with my studding project with the Surly Nates, falling is never fun.