Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter paradise afternoon

Sunday afternoon, -11°C, snow and sun outside, an opportunity to go out and ride... it's paradise!

The past week had already some good signs of winter, but now things looks even better. Much better. The temperature is forecasted to stay below 0°C, and longer GFS forecasts looks for even colder temps. We could reach -20°C and below after next week.

The beauty of freezing:

I went to check out my trail version of the commute route. Fallen trees were expected because of the storms, but compared to Alttarvaha, this was much worse. There were only short open sections and lots of fallen trees, everywhere. You had to be a goat to go anywhere.

Bike pushing was very difficult.
Finally a relief as the trail to the field was open:

The sunset and the full moon were awesome:

A true pleasure today.

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