Monday, January 2, 2012

Awesome Monday

What a great start to the New Year! Mondays can be sometimes not so good, but this Monday was a real exception. I was already hopeful yesterday that I could do a shorter day at work today. The weather forecast was looking for snowfall, and I didn't have time to ride yesterday. My hopes turned real and I was able to escape to the awesomesauceness!

I didn't commute by bike today, to preserve more energy for afternoon. When I got home, something had arrived from UberSanta Hendrik Morkel:

Sweet Snow Peak Titanium 600 Mug that I won in Hiking In Finland's brilliant Advent Calendar. Until now I haven't had a real outdoor mug but now I have. I was thinking about some kuksa, like Kupilka, but this looks great. It's large and it's really good thing for me as I like to drink a big mug of coffee every morning. Next I headed to my bike room and installed the new Surly Big Fat Larry tyre:

And then to outdoors:

After fairly miserable weather in December, we are back to real winter!

went to check out the trails of Alttarvaha and see how much damage the recent storms had done there.

As expected, there was damage:

Lots of damage:

But there happens to be a very nice little pond too:

And more damage:

The beauty of snow:

I really wanted to ride in the daylight, even a short ride. I like to ride in the dark, but at this time of the year it feels that I get oversaturated with the darkness. But it's damn nice feeling when the darkness starts to set in:

At the end of the ride the wind was pretty hard and the snow was hitting my face. Believe it or not, but I loved it! I have waited long for something like this.

It will take some time for the owners of the forests to pick up all the fallen trees, and it looks like it will be better to ride more the many nice forest roads instead of the trails this winter.

Even more photos of today's ride are here.