Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bivy night at high

For the sake of my winter vacation and nice weather conditions I wanted to do an overnighter. The weather has been much colder this week, and night temperatures are back to subzero. I had a simple idea. Some higher place with good views for sunset or sunrise, and just the bivy and sleepings bag for sleeping under the stars.

I headed out right after the sunset:

Approaching my destination in the dark:

Not a full moon, but close:

Most of the snow has thawed but not all:

A little bit of usual bike pushing:

My destination was the highest place in Paimio, called 'Pauhojanmäki'. When the weather is good one can see Turku from here (the distance is about 20-25 km).

The sky was beautiful:

The moon gave plenty of light:

I boiled water for Adventure Food expedition meal. Better to eat properly before the night.

Some clouds made a visit too:

My sleeping place with my friend:

The night was not cold, just below freezing. But I wanted to be sure that I'll be warm so I slept with the winter bag, Marmot Never Summer. And I slept fairly well.

In the morning I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise:

Yes, a halo:


A magnificent moment, a pair of majestic cranes:

My very nice campsite:

Morning glory:

I had trouble again with my stove, this time I had slightly too little of gas. Managed still to make warm (not hot) coffee and porridge:

The views from the top were nice:

The tower of Pääskyvuori in the horizon:

A couple of 'must shots' of my friend:

Some ice:

I rode back to home via the familiar trails of Paimio's Revenge:

Apparently it will take a long time to take away all the fallen trees of the Xmas storm:

The 9:Zero:7 was awesome bike again:

The last trail of the day:

Cracking overnighter, really enjoyed it.

Some extra photos here: Google+ and Picasa.