Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Wrap Up

Over a month without a blog post? What's going on? A lot!

The spring has been in full flow:

I have been commuting with the cyclocross bike more...

...but the fatbike, which just had the one year anniversary, has been in use too:

I have done a lot of sunset photography...

...and more...

...and even more:

No bikepacking trip or overnighter, but I've been four times in the Archipelago of Southwestern Finland. Due to some nice circumstances, I will spend a lot of time there. And it's an absolute outdoor paradise! So much that I call it 'Other World'. Any photos? Oh yes, and lot of them:

I have started a new photography project, 'Other World', where my aim is to take my photography to a new level. It's an ongoing project, and easiest way to follow it is to join Google+ and add me to your circles.

And yes, I will do also bikepacking trips to the 'Other World'. Excited.