Thursday, July 26, 2012

Check and test

In the end of 2011, a very strong storm Tapani hit the Southern and Western Finland, resulting lots of damage in the forests. The work to pick up the fallen trees has been slow, but I decided to finally check out the state of local trails in Paimio. Riding again with my fatbike, I also tested the new DT Swiss RWS system that replaces ordinary quick releases.

I started with my alternative commute route. The most of the trees were picked up, but not all:

On the trail of Paimio's Sports Park:

The tool of the day:

And more damage. This place was ridable though, by riding around the fallen trees:

Next was a section that had been ruined with a forest machine last year. No improvement there:

Some of the forest machine tracks are really deep. I managed to slip to one of them while pushing my bike. My other foot and shoe were soaked wet after this.

Fortunately one of my favourite parts of the route was in reasonably good condition:

A gravel road transition:

A photography moment:

The start of the next trail section looked promising, but then the misery continued:

After this I decided to ride away from this misery and opted out one trail section. But hey, not so fast, some more forest machine tracks:

My fatbike was great, but even fatbike is not enough if the speed is too low:

Yep, that pool of water there in the middle. It was time to get my another foot and shoe wet too!

I have organized the traditional MTB group ride Paimio's Revenge since 2006 here, but it doesn't look like it will happen this year. There is simply too much destruction.

"Good you came back, I've been waiting for you!":