Wednesday, August 1, 2012

29er wheelset

Back in 2010 when I started planning of my fatbike project, versatility was the key. I knew that many of the fatbikes can be converted to 29ers. I wanted a bike that can do it all. Although I really 'believe' in fatbikes and fat tires, sometimes something lighter is better. I just did a bikepacking trip to South-Western Finland's Archipelago and it's mostly tarmac and gravel roads. Lighter wheels and skinnier tires would be ideal there outside the winter time.

Another experience this year was Tahko MTB. My plan is to ride 180 km next year, and 29er should be the best tool for the job for me there.

So it was time to order 29er wheelset for my 9:Zero:7. But, there are certain requirements for a 29er wheelset when they are build for an offset frame, like my 907, or Pugsleys. They have to be build offset, so a rim with offset drilling is needed for a strong wheel. As far as I know, there is only one offset 29er rim in the market, and it is Bontrager Duster OSB (same as Rhythm Comp OSB). The thing is that it's hard to get, but fortunately there is at least one wheelmaster who has them: Mike Curiak, the legend himself.

Mike doesn't normally ship wheels outside the U.S., but he was really kind to build these stunning wheels for me.

The specifications:

Rims: Bontrager Duster OSB
Front hub: Hope Pro 2 Evo Fatsno (135mm)
Rear hub: Hope Pro 2 Evo (135mm)
Spokes: DT Swiss Competition and DT Swiss SuperComp
Nipples: DT Swiss red
Tyres: Panaracer Rampage 29x2.35
Tubes: Onza MTB XC 29X1.90-2.40

What really is great about these wheels is that they are Tubeless-Ready. I'm now running them with tubes, but will certainly run them tubeless in racing.

The Hope hubs are sweet:

Red nipples to match:

More photos? There you go...

The test ride was short but long enough to get the feeling. And the feeling was absolutely great.

Thanks to Mike for a brilliant set of wheels! They will certainly see many many years of riding.