Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome to the Winter Paradise!

November was mild here. But in the end of the month, things started finally to change.

The view yesterday morning, November 30th:

The view in the afternoon:

The start to this winter couldn't be better! A snow storm, which got the name "Antti"!

As you can see, I had a headwind, all the way to home on my commute. Believe it or not, but I loved it, every minute of it!

Classic stuff. Snow drifts on the side of the roads, where fatbike stands without any support:

You get the feeling?

Enthusiasm all over my face:


The 45North Wölvhammer boots are excellent!


Horizontal snow is the best!

As I got closer to home, things just got better:

Here's a short video that pretty much captures how great it truly was:

Almost home. One of the best bike commutes ever!

Why I love this? It's the feeling of adventure. The familiar surroundings are suddenly changed radically. It's the best show on Earth, the mother nature in full force. Now I just hope that the winter will continue snowy and cold all the way to the spring.