Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter ride

The great winter weather continues here in Finland. After the awesome snow storm in the end of November, the temperature dropped to -15...-21°C range. From the end of last week it hasn't been that cold, but still comfortably sub-freezing.

The long Independece Day weekend provided an opportunity for a couple of longer rides between Paimio and Kimito Island. Here's a photo recap of Sunday's ride to Paimio.

The morning was very nice with a beautiful sunrise:

I started my ride around noon. The temperature varied between -2...-5°C, and there were some occasional light snow flurries.

A motor road is actually not that bad when the views are like this:

45North Wölvhammer boots are truly amazing. They really keep feet warm on long rides too.

Views from the Rungonsalmi Bridge:

Ice is starting to form:

The biggest cliff on the side of Turku road:

After the big road I turned to the country side of Sauvo which is rich in small, twisting roads and nice landscapes:

The day is short, as we are only a week away from the Winter Solstice.

Another descent:

Getting dark:

After 3 hours 13 minutes and 56 kilometres, I was at home again. It was a very nice and surprisingly comfortable ride.

I'm looking forward to more longer rides in December and an overnighter too. Conditions are forecasted to stay wintry, so it couldn't be better.
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