Sunday, January 26, 2014

Training on the ice

It's 18 days now to Rovaniemi 150 race, and it was time for another longer training ride this weekend. Winter weather has continued here with -10...-20°C temperatures, and lakes, rivers and some parts of the seas have frozen, ice thickness being at 5-30 cm. The quality of the ice is very good, because there is very small amount of snow on top of it. In the previous winters I have wanted to ride along the Paimio River to the sea, but mainly snow conditions have prevented it.

So, I headed to Paimio River.

There were tracks of others on the ice, so it was fairly safe to ride there. However, you should always carry some safety gear with you. I had my icepicks with me.

Out from the river and I got pretty excited, as the views opened.

As expected, there was other people too on the ice, like fishermen, skiers, skaters and some snowmobiles. I asked about the ice thickness from the fishermen, and it was around 15-30 cm in different places.

The surface of the ice had all kind of forms:

I really like the very open and wide surroundings on the ice.

I decided to ride to Karuna, a south-western part of Sauvo. Over there, I didn't need to worry about the ice thickness, but a very reckless van driver that was all over the place on the ice.

On the shore at Karuna:

I rode to Sauvo along the old Karuna road and purchased some eating from the local grocery store. Feeling was great, not tired at all. Then I countinued on the small roads to Paimio in the darkness:

About 90 km of riding and a very nice day on the ice. Also, 1013.25 km of training so far for January. Things are looking good for Rovaniemi 150.