Monday, February 3, 2014

More snow and training

We finally got more snow on Friday and the following night. I had already a longer training ride in my plans for Saturday, so the timing was perfect. The ride was so great that I had to stop several times for photographing, so here is a recap.

I decided to ride to the Wilderness of Marttila via a new route, mainly on small roads. It proved to be a fantastic choice!

The new, stronger Salsa Anything Cage and Porcelain Rocket Anything pack, with 1 l Thermos bottle inside:

Revelate Designs Expedition Pogies are truly outstanding:

I encountered some very nice snow showers too:

At the beginning of a very nice forest road:

Only one car had driven there...

...but later it got even better!

The beauty of winter is everywhere:

Getting closer to the Wilderness of Marttila:

On the trail to the Karhunperänrahka mire. The new 9:ZERO:7 with Clownshoe rims and Bud/Lou tires were phenomenal!

Karhunperänrahka mire. Blissfulness!

The mire was however really bumpy, but I did ride on it for awhile. I was running out of time so it was time to head home.

The new 45NRTH Bergraven gaiters worked great the whole day:

At home after 8 hours. Supercooled rain in the last hour freezed on me nicely. :)

This was an excellent training ride with pretty high intensity. I'm feeling ready for the Rovaniemi 150.